India business e-visa for citizens of Australia

Business e-visa with one-year validity and multiple entries.

The India Business e-visa is an official document allowing travelers to entry into India for business purposes. The India Business Visa allows business travelers to enter the country multiple times within one year.

India releases e-Visas only for a list of 150 selected countries and Australia is included on the list. If you are an Australian citizen you can apply for an Indian e-visa and the process is completed fully online. You don’t have to go to the embassy, and you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your Visa approved and delivered to your mail.

The India e-Visa application center operates an online appointment system for Visa processing. Applicants who choose to complete the online visa application form by themselves are not required to select an appointment at the first stage.

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Required documents

This is the list of required documents to apply for the e-Visa:

  • Passport scan in PDF format.
  • Two Indian passport-sized colour photograph(s).
  • Copy of Business Card in PDF format.
  • Credit/debit card
  • Passport scan in PDF format.

The applicant’s actual passport must:

  • Have at least two blank visa pages
  • Be machine-readable
  • Be valid for at least 180 days beyond the exit date
  • Digital passport photo in JPEG format.
  • Copy of Business Card in PDF format.
  • Credit/debit card

The photographs must:

  • Measure 5cm x 5cm without including the borders
  • Have a white background
  • Include the applicant’s shoulders
  • Be taken within the last six months
  • Be identical

Business Introduction Letter

You must provide a Business Introduction Letter from the applicant’s Australian employer. All letters must be printed on company letterhead that displays an Australian postal address.

Note that most consulates require the Business Cover Letter to be dated within one month of application submission.

Letter of Business Invitation

A letter of invitation from the company you are visiting in India. A copy is acceptable. This letter must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be printed on company letterhead paper with the name and address of the company
  • Include the applicant’s full name as stated in their passport
  • Include the passport number of the applicant
  • Include the date of issue of the passport
  • Include the date of expiry of the passport
  • Specify the purpose of the journey
  • Specify the exact nature of the business being conducted
  • Specify the requested number of entries and the length of visa required
  • Be signed and dated by the inviting company

Visa Declaration form

One fully completed Declaration Form can be found in the pack and must be the signed original.

Suppression of facts or furnishing misleading/false information will result in denial of visa without assigning any reason. Visa fee once tendered is non-refundable and subject to change without notice. After receipt of visa ensure name, spellings, passport number, type and validity visa is given correctly.


Visa application form

One fully completed and signed application form. This form must:

  • Be completed online at
  • Be completed with the selection “London” as the place of submission
  • Be printed single-sided
  • Have section G completed in full
  • Only contain alphanumeric characters
  • Have no handwritten corrections/modifications
  • Bear a signature that matches the applicant’s passport
  • Be submitted to the Embassy within 45 calendar days of completion

Once printed, the visa application form must be signed twice by the applicant. Once on the first page and once on the second page. Both sections are marked “signature”

How long can UK citizens stay in India?

UK citizens applying for a Business e-Visa can enter India for a maximum of 180 days in Total.

Visas are ordinarily issued for “up to one year”. Applicants who would like a visa valid for longer than one year must supply a copy of their last Indian visa and ensure the visa application form, the business introduction letter, and the invitation letter all request the longer validity. Applicants are advised that the issuance of a visa valid for longer than one year is not guaranteed and is issued solely at the visa officer’s discretion.

How many entries come with the India Business e-Visa?

India Business e-Visa allows for Multiple Entry within its validity period of 1 year after issued. The maximum stay for each visit shall not exceed 180 days in Total.

Do I have to enter the country on the exact date my Visa is approved?

No, you can enter the country within one year once your visa has been approved. Visa is valid from date of issue. It is advisable to make travel arrangements after obtaining appropriate visa.

Do I need Yellow Fever vaccine?

Yellow Fever vaccine is mandatory if traveling from a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission.

The Australia is currently not listed as a country with a risk of yellow fever. However, if you are flying from somewhere else, be sure to check this requirement.

What activities are allowed with Indian business e-Visa?

As Business visitor you are allowed to the following business activities:

  • Setting up an industrial/business venture
  • Sale/purchase/trade
  • Attending technical/business meetings
  • Recruiting manpower
  • Participating in exhibitions, business/trade fairs
  • Expert/specialist in connection with an ongoing project
  • Conducting tours

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