India Tourist Visa for Australian Citizens.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and is considered a mosaic of cultural experiences. With a rich heritage and a great number of attractions, the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Defined as it is by natural borders, the country of the Indus is well-known for its vast and unique geographical identity. It extends over an area of 32, 87,263 sq., featuring snow covered peaks as the Himalayan mountains up North to the warmer tropical rain forests of the south, all the way to the ocean. India ranks as the 7th larger country in the world, standing apart from the rest of Asia.

India is well-known not only for its unique geography, but also for its multicultural nuances, making it a great destination for Australian adventurers. Another 8.5 per cent more Australian residents visited India in 2019 than the previous year, which is about the same rate of increase from 2017 to 2018. Impressive as it is, that represents a slowing of the momentum compared with the previous few years when double digit growth was the norm from one year to the next.

As you travel the expanse of the Indian territory, you are greeted by diversity. Culinary culture, arts, crafts, music, nature, lands, tribes, history and adventure sports are among what this beautiful country has to offer.

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Indian Tourist Visa for australians citizens

The India Tourist Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within India. Filling the Indian Visa for Australian Citizens have never been so simple, easy and straightforward.

Australians are eligible for an Indian Visa (eVisa India) since 2014 and Tourist visas can be availed for the purposes of sight Seeing, Visiting Friends, Visiting Relatives,a short term Yoga programme, and even for one month of unpaid volunteer work.

Visa with double or multiple entrances

Applicants can select from the following eVisa validity options (from date of issue):

  • 30 days (Double Entry)
  • 1 year (Multiple Entries)
  • 5 years (Multiple Entries)

Required documents to apply

  • Applicant Photo
  • Passport Personal Details Scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)
  • The applicant’s passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India, and also have at least two blank pages.
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Indian Electronic Visa

The Government of India has launched electronic travel authorization or ETA for India which allows citizens of 180 countries to travel to India without requiring a physical stamping on the passport. This new type of authorization is called an eVisa India (or electronic India Visa)

Indian Visa online method of procurement or eVisa India is the preferred, secured and trusted method of entry to India. Paper or conventional India Visa is not considered as trusted method by the Government of India. As an additional, benefit to the travelers, they do not need to visit local Indian Embassy/Consulate or High Commission to secure India Visa as this visa can be procured online.

The electronically delivered Indian Visa (eVisa India) is only for a maximum visit of 180 days, if you need to enter India for a longer period then you need to apply for another visa.

Australian citizens can enter from 28 Authorized Airports and 5 Seaports as mentioned in Authorized Ports of Entry for Indian Visas.

Easy steps to apply for Indian electronic

Australian Citizens need to complete the following simple steps to get Indian Visa:

  • Step A: Complete simple Indian Visa Application Form, (Estimated time to complete 2 minutes).
  • Step B: Use any payment method to complete the payment online.
  • Step C: A link will be sent to your registered email address to provide additional information, depending on the purpose of your visit and the duration of the Indian visa.
  • Step D: You have received an approved electronic Indian Visa online (eVisa India) at your email address.
  • Step E: you go to any airport in Australia or abroad

You should also wait at the airport until we send you an approved electronic Visa for India (eVisa India).

Visa processing time and costs

The pricing for electronic Visa for australian citizens is the following:

  • 30 Days – Double entry Visa (it is the cheapest option, most applicants go for standard). It only costs USD 26.00 (service fees not included).
  • 1 year – Multiple entrance. The cost goes a bit higher than with the previous option. You will be charged USD 41.00 (service fees not included).
  • 5 years – Multiple entrance. As you can expect, the price goes even higher. This option will cost you USD 82.00 (service fees not included).
  • Payment can be made in any of the 135 world currencies.
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Important facts and frequently asked questions:

Do citizens of Australia need to visit CKGS?

No, it is not necessary to visit Cox and Kings Global Services, Embassy of India, High Commission of India or any other office of Government of India. This process will be completed fully online.

Are separate electronic Visas necessary for my minor children?

Yes, all individuals require a Visa for India regardless of their age including new born babies with their own separate Passport.
Guardians who apply for Indian Visa online application must exclude their children in their application. There is no concept of group Visa to India or family Visa for India.

What activities are allowed with this visa?

Visitors entering India on a Tourist eVisa are mainly entitled to recreation activities and to meet friends and relatives. Indian Tourist Visa also allows visitors to take short term courses on local languages, music, dance, arts & crafts, cooking and medicine with duration of less than 6 months.

Voluntary work of up to 1 month which do not provide monetary compensation. No other activities (Work, study, volunteer work, etc…) are allowed.

How many days prior to the trip must the application be submitted?

India requires tourists to fill the application within 30 days or 120 days prior to the intended arrival date, depending on the type of.
That being said, it is advised that to Apply for an India visa 4-7 days in advance of flight date, to avoid inconveniences in case of unexpected delays.

Do you need a courier service to process the visa?

It is not necessary to publish, send by courier, send them physically to any office or PO box. These scanned copies or photos taken from mobile phone can be uploaded to the website.

After successful payment verification you will be sent an email link to upload an electronic copy / PDF / JPG / GIF, etc. of your face photograph and the scanned copy of the passport.

Should a face photograph or passport scan be uploaded for the Application?

After payment has been verified, face photograph should be uploaded. Please note that you must follow the face photography guidelines as required by the Government of India. Applicant’s full face should appear in front view in the photograph, without a hat or sunglasses. Clear background and no shadows is needed. Photograph should be at least 350 pixels or five centimeters in size.

The passport scan copy for Indian visa should also be clear. Must not have flash in passport making passport numbers or passport expiration date not readable. Also, it must have the four corners of the passport clearly visible, including the two strips at the bottom of the passport.

Can you receive medical treatment with the electronic Visa?

It is now possible for foreign citizens traveling on a tourist visa, to obtain certain types of medical treatment without having to change their visa type.

The new visa policy allows holders of a visa for India who fall ill to get treated in any hospital/medical treatment center for up to 180 days, Excepting Pakistani national hospitals.

The new policy applies to those who:

Are suffering from a minor medical condition which only needs Out Patient Department consultation or treatment
Had been suffering from a condition before entering the country, but it had only come to light during diagnosis by a doctor in India, necessitating medical treatment in a hospital in India.

If applying for a Medical visa, India requires the traveler to provide a letter from the hospital containing some details, such as the medical procedure, the date and the length of your stay.

Citizens of Australia can also bring medical assistance or family members for assistance. This secondary visa for the primary medical patient is called the Medical Assistant Visa.

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