Visitor Visa for United States Citizens

Across New Zealand, you can find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture. Get inspiration in towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords. Find peace in golden beaches curled around quiet bays. Make new friends in small towns with big doses of laid-back charm.

Dramatic topography defines this country as a hot spot for adrenaline-fueled sports. White water rafting, luging, jet boating, heli-skiing, skydiving, hiking, and mountain biking round out the list of outdoor adventures, and the country is home to one of the highest bungee jumps in the world.

Fans of director Peter Jackson will not want to miss a tour of the spectacular locations used in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. There is also a wealth of natural phenomena including geysers and thermal springs, as well as the rich culture of the native Maori population to explore.

The 2017 Global Peace Index rates New Zealand as the world’s second safest country just after Iceland.

Mount Taranaki

Visitor Visa

United States is in the list of Visa-exempt countries. This means that is not mandatory for American Citizens to Apply for New Zealand Visa before visitting the country.Although, stay is limited a period of 90 days.

If you are looking to enjoy New Zealand as a visitor for a longer period than 90 days, You will need a visitor visa, which allows you to vacation in New Zealand for a period of up to nine months.

During your stay, you will need enough money to support yourself and everyone included in your application. While you are there, you can enjoy New Zealand’s scenery, adventure, culture, and friendly people.

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a visitor visa is to do it online.

What is eTA

ETA stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”. Since October 2019, visitors from the United States of America (and every other visa-exempt country) need to apply for eTA before traveling to New Zealand.

This eTA allows travelers to enter the country for transit or tourist purposes and its valid for 2 years. However, this doesn’t mean that eTA holders can stay in New Zealand for 2 consecutive years.

NZ eTA applies to cruise passengers and even to American citizens who need to transit through Auckland International Airport as they reach their final destination.

This so called electronic authorization will be issued in PDF format and will not be printed or pasted in the traveler’s passport. This form will be fully generated online through the designated website and sent to the applicant’s email.

Upon receiving the eTA New Zealand for Americans, travelers will be able to print a copy to present to border control and begin planning their travel to New Zealand.

Requirements to apply for New Zealand eTA

American visitors require a valid US passport in order to apply for the eTA New Zealand. Applicants who have a passport of an additional nationality need to make sure they apply with the same passport they travel with, as the eTA for New Zealand can only be associated with one passport.

Applicants require a valid credit or debit card to pay the eTA for New Zealand fee and tourist levy, as well as a valid email address, to receive the New Zealand travel visa waiver for US citizens in their inbox. It is required to carefully double-check all the data entered so there are no issues with the eTA New Zealand visa waiver application from the USA.

The New Zealand travel visa waiver for US citizens is available via a simple online application process. It is necessary for applicants to enter personal and contact information including travel plans, data from the passport information page and a current address. Return air tickets or tickets valid for another country with permission / right of entry and a range of health and security-related questions may also be asked.

Requests that are not processed on time or rejected for any reason will result in travelers being denied boarding their next trip to New Zealand.

Hahei Beach

How much does it cost and how long does the application take?

A New Zealand eTA costs a total of USD 32.00, which includes:

Visa cost: USD 8.00

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) : USD 24.00

It is recommended to apply at least 72 hours before traveling to allow for processing, but it could take as little as 10 minutes to have your eTA ready to go.

What is the duration of the ETA and how many entries does it allow ?

Once the electronic authorization is obtained, it will be valid for a maximum of 2 years or until the date the applicant’s passport expires. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will allow multiple entries for tourist or business reasons.

The expiration date will be specified in your eTA once it’s issued. You may only arrive in the country after the start date stated on your visa, and stay for a maximum of 90 days Per Entry at a time.

Current figures suggest that about one and a half million of the roughly four million travelers from around the world who visit New Zealand annually are affected by the electronic Travel Authorization.

How much time in advance should I request eTA?

It is recommended to apply at least 72 hours before traveling to allow for processing. Upon arrival in New Zealand, you need to present your passport along with your New Zealand eTA reference number.

It is not recommended buying plane tickets before eTA is approved. You may lose the cost of your ticket or have to rearrange your travel if there is a delay in processing your application or in case of rejection.

Does ETA assures me of entry to New Zealand?

Not at all. Possession of a New Zealand Tourist eTA does not provide automatic right of entry for tourists into the Country. The Immigration Officer will usually ask you some questions before you board or when you arrive and may refuse entry to any person, and access will be denied if he considers that such a person is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements or that such person’s presence in New Zealand would be contrary to national interests or security.

The Immigration officer will usually ask you some questions before you board or when you arrive. This applies to everyone, including people who already hold a visa, an NZeTA or are in transit.

Once you exit passport control, you must remove your luggage and go through customs and bio security checks. To protect New Zealand and its environment, some items cannot be entered, have entry restrictions or must be declared if they are considered to present a bio security risk. These items include food, plants, animal products, and outdoor recreation equipment.

Fiordland national park

Can my eTA Application be rejected?

Approval of New Zealand eTA can be denied if any of the following apply:

Applicant has a criminal conviction.

Applicant has been deported, removed or excluded from another country.

Also, if there’s a reason to believe you may be a risk to New Zealand’s security, public order or public interest. Including those who are registered sex offenders or associated with a gang.

General requirements of entry.

Upon arrival in New Zealand, you need to present your passport along with your New Zealand eTA reference number.

New Zealand’s immigration rules are strict, especially with regard to employment, which is why foreign visitors are not allowed to work in New Zealand. Foreign passport holders must demonstrate to the immigration officer that they comply with immigration rules and must have the following:

A passport that is not defaced or damaged.

Return air tickets or tickets valid for another country with permission / right of entry

A passport valid for a minimum period of one month from the date of departure from New Zealand

Proof of sufficient funds for your stay in the country.

A visiting invitation letter for the agreed period of stay.

Which Vaccinations Do I Need?

Yellow Fever vaccine is recommended if traveling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

United States is currently not listed on countries with risk of yellow fever. However, if you are flying from another country, be sure to check this requirement.

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