Saudi Arabia Business Visa for United Kingdom citizens

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for business purposes, you will need a Saudi Business Visa. There are two main different types of business visas for Saudi Arabia :

Single Entry Business Visa: you can stay for a total of 90 days and processing fees go up to £146.

Multiple Entry Business Visa: you are allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia for a total of 180 days and the cost is also £146. This type is also available for 1-year complete stay, the processing fee goes up to £476.

Processing time

The Saudi Arabia Business Visa processing time is usually about 2-3 working days.
After receiving your invitation to Saudi Arabia, you can then proceed to start your Saudi business visa application compiling all the requirements listed below.


Visa Order Form: fill out this form as the first step to your business trip to Saudi Arabia

Visa Application Form: you will need 2 Passport Size photographs to complete this one.

Passport requirements: Your UK Passport should have 2 clean pages adjacent to each other, and at least 6 months validity from the end of your visit.

Saudi Government invite: you can get this letter from either the Saudi Chamber of Commerce or the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You are also going to need a UK Employer Support Letter (ESL) to get your Visa approved. Make sure that the letter you send is the original hard copy. If your employer is not from the United Kingdom, the letter must be legalised by the Saudi embassy in the country of registration and then sent by mail.

The Letter must be attested at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in London. We can provide this service for you if you are unable to visit their offices for registration.

More Information

Do not apply for a Saudi Arabia Business Visa if you already have one. If you applied for one in the past, make sure it has expired.

Your passport must not connect you in any way to Israel, customs officers can deny your entrance to the country if this happens.

The Saudi Arabia embassy visa department only opens Monday – Thursday, and it’s closed on Fridays. Please take this into account when reviewing processing time. The Saudi embassy has also requested that all visa applicants provide their flight bookings during their visa application process. Both requirements have been issued as the Saudi government attempt to limit the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak.

Business Visa

The main types of job roles for the Saudi business visa are listed below

Travel purposes

General meetings, discussions, conference, discussing projects, meeting a client, opening a new branch – office jobs not related to any manual work.

Job titles

Director (sales, product, technical, general), CEO, Consultant, Advisor, Manager (product, project, sales, office), HR, Administration Officer, Representative, Partner, Company Owner.

Letter of invitation

Every business visa for Saudi Arabia requires an invitation from the chamber of commerce or ministry of foreign affairs. All the information about the invitation can be seen at the invitation page. This is a crucial step in getting your visa processed and needs to be obtained before you can commence. The letter will be written in Arabic, so if you need to translate it, make sure you have time for it.

Employer Support letter

The employer support letter for foreign employers needs to be legalised by the Saudi embassy. The ESL will only be accepted once you have the invitation because the invitation number needs to be stated on it, along with the information of the traveller, and be within one-month-old. Your future travel Itinerary details should also be sent along with the letter.

Saudi Business Visa Application form

The business visa application form for Saudi Arabia will ask you for your residential information, the details for the people you are looking to visit in Saudi Arabia, information about your travel information (flights and travel dates), along with details of the applicant such as their religion and marital status.

Visa extension

If you happen to already have an existing Visa for Saudi Arabia, and it is close to the expiration date, unfortunately, it cannot be extended.
You will have to obtain a new invitation from the chamber of commerce and make a fresh application via the embassy.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa cost

The costs are different for all business Visa applicants based on various factors such as the nationality of the applicant and validity time of the Visa. It is advised that when you are communicating with your Saudi Arabian inviter if you have any special requirements that you wish for your visa, you should request this from your Saudi Arabian counterpart who will make the request when they obtain the invitation from the MOFA or Chamber of commerce.

Saudi Arabia Business Visa cost goes between £146 – £476.

Visa validity: Most visas are either single or multiple entries. Visa lengths will typically vary from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2 years and 5 years. Government fees will go up as the length of the Business visa gets longer.

Nationality: The price of the visa will vary based on your passport nationality.

Not Permitted To Work Statement

If your Visa has an inscription that says “Not permitted to Work”, please note that this is stated to imply that you cannot reside in Saudi Arabia on this visa on a long term basis, and the visa cannot be used to obtain a permanent residency, rent a property or get full-time employment. For such activities, you must have a full-time job with a contract, visa block number from the company and apply for a Saudi Arabia work visa.

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