United Kingdom ETA Visa

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. It’s a waiver that allows eligible citizens to enter the United Kingdom only for tourism, short-term business, receiving medical treatment, or studying in the UK.

The ETA waiver was first implemented in 2014 by the British government to facilitate travel authorizations for the UK and dispose of the need for travelers to apply at an embassy or department.

The UK electronic travel authorization is currently only available to citizens of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates. Although, there are great predictions for the year 2021, and travelers from eligible countries will be able to apply for United Kingdom ETA by completing the online application process. Online application for ETA is a simple process and can be completed without even going to the embassy.

European Union citizens, who are not currently in need of a visa for the United Kingdom, will also be required to apply for an ETA to visit the UK. European Union’s freedom of movement has been limited as a result of the United Kingdom departing from the Union, this is popularly known as Brexit.

The ETA visitor visa in the United Kingdom will only take five to ten minutes to complete and everything will be online. Once the Electronic Travel Authorization has been approved, the government of the United Kingdom will deliver it electronically in your mail.

United kingdom eta visa

Who needs to apply for the ETA United Kingdom?

The final list of countries that will be allowed the United Kingdom ETA has not yet been released by the government. The list of eligible countries will be known in the coming months.
The countries below are expected to be included in the list: Canada, Hong Kong ( SAR PRC), Brunei (Darussalam), Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of South Korea, United States, Japan.

How long will the ETA be valid for?

Electronic travel authorization, allows you to enter the UK for a period of up to six months. ETA allows travelers for a single entry to the country. Citizens from eligible countries can apply for a UK ETA through a simple online application. It is necessary to complete the application form for a United Kingdom ETA having a valid passport, travel itinerary, and personal information.

Applicants must also answer a few security questions to submit the online form and receive an approved ETA for the UK sent to the provided e-mail address.

Travelers who are willing to visit the United Kingdom for purposes other than those permitted with the ETA, or for a greater period of stay, should have to contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the United Kingdom for additional information.

Traveling with an ETA for the United Kingdom will soon be a simple process available for more countries. Applicants will just need to meet the basic requirements of the United Kingdom ETA and complete the online application.

Cost of an ETA for the UK

The government fee for the UK electronic visa waiver is $40. The online UK visa waiver fees are the same for all eligible nationalities and include:

The Tourist Tax IVL (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy), The Fees for immigration services, and processing fees.

The tourist tax for the protection of the environment was introduced at the same time that the electronic visa of the United Kingdom was introduced. It is applicable for international visitors and must be paid when the payment for the eTA-UK is made and is also valid for 2 years.

United kingdom eta visa

Requirements to apply for the ETA United Kingdom

When Applying for United Kingdom ETA, it is required to present the following:

Valid passport

Should be valid for three more months after the end of your trip to the UK and it must have at least one blank page. The passport requirements for a UK ETA state the applicant should have a valid biometric passport from an eligible country.

Digital passport photo

A recent digital passport photo is needed and must meet all guidelines of passport photography (white background, no hats or glasses, face towards the camera)

Email address

Provide a Valid E-mail address to receive your documents.

Travel purpose

Travel itinerary and daily activities that travelers will perform in the united kingdom should be detailed. (proof can be needed)

Resident Address

Detail every place you are planning to stay while you are in the UK

United kingdom eta visa

Means of Payment

A valid credit/debit card or a Paypal account to complete the payment at the last step of the application.

Here are some documents that the applicant need to provide upon his arrival at the immigration of the United Kingdom:

Means of sustenance

The applicant will be asked to provide evidence that he can financially sustain himself in the United Kingdom. Any bank statement of the past 6 months can be used as a means of sustenance.

Return flight ticket

The applicant needs to have a return ticket before traveling to the UK or if not, will have to provide proof that he has the financial possibility of purchasing one.

Travel dates/Port of entry

UK visa application requirements state it is also necessary to indicate intended travel dates and the port of entry to the United Kingdom when completing the online form. If this information changes before you go to the UK, it will be necessary to update the details online to guarantee entry to the United Kingdom upon arrival.

Once approved, it is necessary to print a copy of the UK electronic travel authorization to present upon arrival to officials at British border control, alongside their passport, to gain entry to the country.

The UK ETA holder should take care to use the same passport to travel to the United Kingdom that they used to complete the UK ETA application online, as the details of the passport must match those on the approved ETA.

Further UK immigration requirements for the electronic authorization may be announced after the ETA is expanded to other nationalities. These will be published on this site once made available by the British government.

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